Cullen Bohannon Hell On Wheels (Anson Mount) Leather Vest

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Hell on Wheels is a very popular TV series in which actor Anson Mount plays the character of Cullen Bohannon. He has worn a leather vest on several occasions in this series that makes him look very attractive and smart. You can get a replica of the same hell on wheels cullen bohannon vest to look cool and stylish whenever moving in the outdoors. It has 4 front pockets and a shirt style collar. It has full front buttoned opening that gives the vest a very manly appearance. There is also a chain design element that hangs from the 2nd front button down into the right pocket of the vest.


  • Pure leather vest
  • Brownish in color
  • Inspired by the style of the vest worn by Anson Mount in Hell on Wheels
  • Makes you look rugged and stylish
  • 4 pockets and full buttoned opening

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