Get a better understanding of Trench Coats!

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The world’s things have been changed & improved as the technology got involved in every phase of life but Trench coats are the classics of all times and never left any room for improvement. A lot of different styles have been introduced but the old has always been appreciated for a classy outerwear and can last for a longtime. The decision for anyone to buy mens trench coat cannot be in loss because it is surely something which can add style to one’s wardrobe.

Trench Coat Wearing Styles

The basic design of Trench Coat remains the same but different appearances may include change in button format, sleeve layering, shoulder flappers, back vent addition etc.

Double Breasted

The old style which used to be the classics of times is a double breasted style and it contain several buttons on the front. The quantity of buttons depends upon the length of the coat.

Single Breasted

Single breasted style is comparatively lighter than the double breasted and it is recommended for individuals who don’t wish to put on heavy outerwears.

Back Vent

The Trench Coats which used to have single back vents were actually designed for the soldiers so as to give them possible movements on run as well protection from cold winds.


The Shoulder Tab Trench Coat called Epaulets was a famous style and well known in military services. Epaulets styled coats were used to wear so as to put rank emblem for the identification of officers.

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