Get to know the common types of jackets!

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Until we don’t have something like diamond made for wearing, leather will always remain the top choice for outerwears & jackets as it contains a lot of rare features which are not present in any other fabric. Since decades, leather has always been preferred for formal & informal wearing among which leather jackets are highly appreciated. There are a lot of types of jackets made of leather and if you plan to buy mens leather jacket, you must know the difference of styles.

Bomber Jacket

This is one of the oldest styles of jacket in leather which has always been the classics of the range. This style was actually designed for the pilots many years ago but it still has all the capability to make any outfit look beautiful.

Biker Jacket

Biker style is the prime choice for the riders and biker jacket has immense advantages for the wearers. It provides best amount of protection as well as it has typical biker look.

Military Jacket

These military jackets are perfect for those who prefer to wear lightweight jackets. These jackets have their own style containing classic brass buttons and a length more than the waist line. The combination makes the wearer look fantastic.

Flight Style

This style is amazing and gives the wearer a slight extent to make it fit comfortably. This is something which makes you look classical. 


Still, there are other styles of leather jackets including the above which are available at Jaketto at affordable price. If you want yourself to look good, get a jacket at Jaketto!



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