The various types of leather!

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Leather is a kind of fabric which is widely preferred as a garment and is widely worn by a large group all over the world. Although, there are many types of fabric which are used for the purpose of garment but leather is preferred worldwide due to its durable characteristics which allow a wearer to have a stylish garment for a long time.

Leather is formed by the tanning of hides of different animals and every hide has its own specific characteristics. Due to the specification of hides, different hides are used to manufacture different garments. The common hides which are used to manufacture leather garments are;

Cow Hide

It is one of the most common hides widely used for the manufacture of garments such as jackets, outerwear and uppers. A cowhide is a dirt & water resistant hide and it provides high level of protection. It is a durable hide which is easily available at low cost and due to its durability, most of the well renowned jackets are made from cowhides such as biker jackets. It is said that, the larger the size of the hide, the more durability is there.

Deer Hide      

Deerskin is almost the same as the cowhide but the deer hide gives the softer feel & a graceful look. Due to its property of being softer than the cowhide, it is not only considered for the manufacture of jackets but it is also used in the making of hand gloves & bags. It has all the capability to become softer by when it is worn on frequent basis. Those who prefer to buy an outerwear made of a cowhide, it is more suitable for them to buy a leather jacket made of a deerskin because it is more useful with respect to softness and charm.

Goat Skin

A goat hide is also considered one of the softer hides among many and it contains a more elegant look than other common hides. An outerwear made of goatskin has all the capability to remain same even after using it for a longtime and for this reason, it is widely preferred by a large group of people.

Lamb Skin

Lamb skin is extremely softer, flexible and gives a lavish look more than other animal hides. It is considered, the most comfortable & a lightweight hide and is preferred to be worn all around the world.

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