Understand the usefulness of hides for a leather outerwear!

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There is no doubt that buying a leather outerwear is the most sensible decision as no outerwear can give you such luxury which is made other than leather. Before you go for shopping a leather jacket, it has to be understood that there are a lot of types of leather because they are tanned from different animals’ skins and every type has its own unique characteristics. Understanding types can help you selecting the best with respect to suiting, price etc.


Lambskin is a common hide which is easily available in almost all the areas. It is usually a thin hide and not preferred for garments such as jackets, uppers & outerwears. Other materials like clutches, handbags, hand gloves are recommended to be made from lamb hide.


A cowhide is the most common hide used for the manufacture of jackets & other garments like pants, vests, bags etc. It is preferred for the manufacture of garments more than other hides because it is thick & extremely durable for a long run. To buy mens leather jacket made of cow hide can be extremely useful for any individual.


As it seems to be, sheep hide is extremely soft hide and is light in weight as compared to other hides. Usually, it is recommended for the manufacture of light & stylish garments like outerwears, vests, often pants and other materials are also prepared from it such as rugs, mats etc. It is usually not recommended for rough jackets like biker & bomber style.


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