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About Us

Quality of the fabric, stylish patterns & comfort level make a blend and produce a fine output name as Jaketto which is a brand meant for everyone. Jaketto is supposed to be the biggest online store which has a wide coverage of finest made leather jackets in the world and the pride belongs to Jaketto only to produce best quality, latest styled as well as comfortable wear leather jackets.     

Jaketto is known to be the finest brand of leather jackets of all kinds with respect to styles, colors, patterns & fabric and it holds the pride to make it possible to produce in a large collection considering all sizes for men, women, young, old and kids. Jaketto has a separate space in the hearts of its buyers due to the finest quality of fabric and affordable prices and due to the reason Jaketto records highest selling ratio in the state like USA. We have a widest collection of jackets of different categories which are worn by common people as well as by celebrities.

No other online stores of jackets have such wide coverage of buyers due to the reliability of what we say, we make. Although leather jackets are widely available in all over the world but the finest cut and finish offers by Jaketto is not found in any other center. We make immense efforts for the rapid adoption of latest designs & styles and environmental changes in making are also taken into considerations.

We are an internationally acclaimed & registered organization who believes to run its business according to the international trade regulations. We believe to adopt ethical selling attitude which allows our organization to gain our buyers’ trust.      

We offer firm terms & conditions, straight policies and a strong customer-seller relationship.