Freddie Mercury Yellow Wembley Concert Leather Jacket Replica

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  • Genuine leather
  • Unique Belts at front for perfect styling as well as shutting
  • White and stunning yellow color combination
  • Extremely soft and comfortable Polyester lining inside
  • Stylish pockets on the inner side
  • Stylish Buckle at shoulders
  • Worn at: Wembley Tribute Freddie Mercury Concert


Product Details:

One of the highest selling item around the world today is the Freddie Mercury Yellow jacket. This Freddie Mercury jacket has been inspired by the costume worn to stage by Freddie Mercury. This Concert jacket will definitely add some color to your wardrobe; made from real leather, the Freddie Mercury Concert jacket is bright yellow in color. The front closure for the Freddie Mercury jacket is made from stylish belts which make the jacket look awesome. The inside of the Freddie Mercury jacket is made from polyester lining which make the jacket very comfortable to wear. The pockets on the inside of the jacket are also very classy.

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