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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions may involve all the details about the instructions for visitors to follow which allow them to know the terms and other relevant policies of Jaketto.   

Jaketto holds the rights to modify & update terms & conditions at anytime.

Intellectual Property Rights Disclaimer

All images, illustrations, contents, design, clips or logos are obvious property of Jaketto which is owned & licensed. The company also holds the rights reserved for its website and the use of images, data or contents is strictly prohibited.  

Visitors hold no right to sell, reproduce, display, publish, modify, distribute or upload any content related to www.Jaketto.com wholly or partly for personal use or financial gain.


Website Content

Jaketto team has all the rights to update, create or modify any required information on its website with respect to products’ images, description, content or prices without any prior notice. It includes modification of contents after the placement of the order, however, if buyer is not satisfied with the purchased product or services, they are liable to make a request for the return as per the Returns & Exchange policy.



Following procedure is followed by Jaketto after the placement of an order;

-      Customer’s personal information is fetched after the placement of an order.

-      Financial information of a customer is checked by the help of our merchant provider (financial transactions are not processed at our website and credit/debit cards’ details are not displayed)

-      Item is taken into consideration for the manufacture.

-      After manufacture, item is shipped in time.


Jaketto holds the right not to treat any order due to any reason including;

-      Website maintenance

-      Problems related to payment procedure.

-      Unavailability of material

-      Description errors

-      Intolerable customer’s attitude

-      Any suspicious transaction etc



-      Jaketto offers to sell its products in USD $ (American Dollars), GBP £ (British Pounds) and € (Euro).

-      Customers from UK, USA or Europe can select any of the above mentioned currencies.

-      However, local customers other than the mentioned three currencies can opt for any of them and your card provider will make you charge in your desired local currency as per the Forex rate.

-      Jaketto holds the rights to change the prices, display discount offers and end a promotional offer anytime without any prior notice.



Jaketto does not include any taxes or charges to the prices as buyers have to borne all the taxes & charges themselves. For more information, please see details at Shipping & Delivery section.   



www.Jaketto.com does not own any other websites which may link to it. Therefore, we cannot take any responsibility for the content being posted on other websites.



Comments, suggestions and ratings/reviews received online are supposed to be the property of Jaketto as they are offered in accordance with the use of our website and can be used by the company as facilitation which shall require no payment.

Making such comments, ratings or reviews on our website allow the visitors to warrant that:

-      They are over 13.

-      Post is accurate and relates to them

-      Their posted content does not harm any person or entity.

-      They show that their posted comments on our website shall make no violation to any of the rights of a third party including trademark, copyright, privacy or proprietary’ right(s).

-      They agree to the satisfaction posted comments which may not be unlawful, obscene in nature or abusive.

-      They agree that they are wholly responsible for the posted comments.  



If no action is taken against any customer on the breach of terms & conditions, Jaketto will still hold the rights & remedies to be used in any other condition on breach.



-      Terms & Conditions and all policies & procedures are governed & translated in respect to United Arab Emirates Law and the relevant courts will have complete authority.

-      These conditions may refer to the United Kingdom & United States Laws.

-      In case of any dispute between the customers and Jaketto and the matter is not solved mutually then either party can refer the matter to the binding mediation to be finally settled.  

Please feel free to contact us at sales@jaketto.com in case of any query regarding Terms & Conditions.