Bourne Supremacy (Kirill) Karl Urban Long Coat

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Bourne Supremacy (Kirill) Karl Urban Long Coat

Bourne supermacy long coat is a marvelous attraction which must be worn by every individual and shall always be an ideal kind of selection for the winter season. Karl Urban coat offers a heavy and rich outlook  accompanied by a subtle style. The kirill coat has been made from the leather material and the dark grey color appears very attractive. The length of this coat is long till knees and there are full sleeves provided for Bourne supermacy kirill Coat. It has a front closure with buttons and there are four pockets given two on the chest side and two on the waist.

Product Specifications

  • Full Sleeves
  • Front Buttoned Closure
  • Long Length
  • Four Pockets
  • Inspired by the long coat of  Karl Urban in the Bourne Supremacy

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