Toddler Top Gun Bomber Flight Leather Jacket With Patches

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  • Genuine leather
  • Fur collar
  • Patches on the chest and shoulders
  • Branded YKK front closure
  • Flap buttoned pockets on the waist
  • Inspiration from: Top Gun movie


Product Details:

If you are a fan of the movie Top Gun, then you would definitely remember the great jackets that have been worn by the army men, specifically Tom Cruise in the movie. These jackets are extremely stylish. We bring to you a chance to dress your toddler up in the same stylish jacket that you may have worn in your early 20s. The Toddler Top Gun Bomber Pilot Jacket with patches is made out of the best quality leather and has a fur collar. The Toddler Top Gun Bomber Pilot Jacket is extremely comfortable to wear and has two buttoned side pockets that make it even classier. The jacket has 2 patches on each sleeve and 2 patches on either side of the chest.


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