Final Fantasy Genesis Rhapsodos Red Long Coat

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We have a diverse collection of outfits comprising of jackets associated with the famous celebrities. Along with such products we have subtle attires that are the exact replicas of the various gaming characters. This Final Fantasy Genesis Rhapsodos coat is from a gaming series called Final Fantasy. It is actually a costume outfit of the character named as Genesis Rhapsodos. This coat is very stylish and can be worn to the parties that are meant to be organized for the creative costumes. It is very beautifully stitched and finished in order to be durable.

Product Features:

  •   Gaming Series appeared in: Final Fantasy
  •   Character: Genesis Rhapsodos
  •   Type: Long Coat
  •   Shade: Red
  •   Black patches on shoulders
  •   Big shirt style collar
  •   No front closing
  •   Durable Finishing

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