Regression Emma Watson (Angela Gray) Trench Coat

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  • Top quality Wool (Available in Suede Leather)
  • Color: Black
  • Shirt style collar
  • Buttoned front closure
  • Rolled cuff style
  • Inspiration from: Regression 2015 movie
  • Worn by: Emma Watson as Angela Gray

Product Details:

Regression is a 2015 horror flick which showcases Emma Watson playing the role of Angela Gray. Emma Watson in the movie is seen fighting against a satanic cult. The movie looks promising and the trench coat worn by Emma Watson is something that will catch the viewer’s eye. The Regression Emma Watson trench coat is an extremely stylish one and is made of finest quality cotton. The Regression Emma Watson coat features a shirt style collar which makes it look casual and the buttoned front closure is something that makes the coat even more appealing. With really deep side pockets and rolled up cuff style this coat is something that makes the look very classy. This coat is perfect for the cold winter season as it will protect you against the chilliest of winds.

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